HVAC covers heating, cooling and ventilation systems and represents the highest percentage of energy consumption in commercial buildings. Energy monitoring integrated with building management systems (BMS) are the key to the optimal management of HVAC systems.

Energy monitoring is useful if measurement data are correctly interpreted and correlated correctly with those variables that influence consumption (such as heating and cooling degree days in HVAC systems). Management of variables such as energy price, prediction of meteorological parameters (temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, …) and occupation data of the building, allows an advanced demand management by automatically adjusting the parameters of the HVAC equipment and systems (set points, schedules, free cooling, etc.) for efficient operation.

We perform active remote control of systems together with the use of current technologies (inverter systems, condensing boilers, variable flow systems, stratification, etc.) and thermal modelling behaviour of buildings for savings and energy efficiency. This allow us to optimise in a continuous way to the maximum the consumption and energy efficiency.