Lighting systems

Lighting systems represent an important percentage of energy consumption in buildings, for instance in office buildings lighting systems consumption accounts for the 20% and 30% of the total energy consumed, exceeding in some cases the 40% in buildings where continuous lighting is required by activity educational centres, sanitary, sports, etc.)

Based on a detailed diagnosis of the current state of your lighting system, we determine which technology adapts best to each situation, taking into account the investment to be made and the savings to be achieved. Use of presence and luminosity sensors guarantee the level of adequate indoor light with the minimum possible consumption according to the illumination level and the presence of users. Using DALI standard we integrate and automate lighting systems operation according to energy and light criteria.

With the current LED technology a very good savings-investment ratio is achieved in those cases where illumination is needed most of the time. We work with the best LED price-quality ratio manufacturers of indoor and outdoor lighting systems.