IONSE works towards the achievement of a more sustainable and energy efficient world through the complete energy management.

The improving in the energy management means achieving a more sustainable world, meeting the energy needs of the present without compromising those of future generations.

As complete energy managers we optimise the purchase of energy, analyse and implement the improvement projects and manage the energy demand of the facilities for the continuous improvement of energy cost and performance.

The systematic energy management allow us to control and reduce consumption and the cost of energy purchase, determine the savings achieved in efficiency projects and evaluate investments and their amortisation through the correct measurement and verification of savings.

The management of energy demand is fundamental to verify at all times that the actions taken to improve efficiency in an installation are the correct ones according to the development of the activity and the established savings objectives.

We establish an energy management plan according to the customer´s needs, ensuring the profitability and amortisation of the investments in energy efficiency improvement measures.

Customised energy management

We adjust facilities operation according to their energy demand, the energy prices, the variables that influence in their consumption and the saving targets.

Demand side management

We use open systems for the measurement and supervision of energy and remote management of facilities. Through our IoT platform for energy management we collect and manage all consumption data, energy cost and the operation of consumer systems.

Efficiency systems and equipment

Our service is a powerful tool of information and analysis that will allow you to have under control your consumption and energy cost.

Teamworking, common goals